Encouraging people to become students of the Word of God beginning with an in-depth study of the major reformers


The name Tyndale’s Ploughboy is taken from the reply that William Tyndale, while at Little Sodbury Manor, stated to a fellow priest that he would make a boy who driveth the plough know more of Scripture than the priest himself.

In some senses, we all can be called Tyndale’s Ploughboys because the Word of God in English came from his work of translation. The rationale for this site is the need to know the Word of God. We need to know it doctrinally, experientially, and practically in our lives. The knowledge of Scripture includes not only the cardinal doctrines such as the doctrine of God, of man, of Christ and His work – but also a clear understanding of the doctrine of the Word itself.

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Author’s Apology

Persons familiar with The Pilgrim’s Progress will recognize the above statement as a play on words from the beginning John Bunyan’s immortal work. Apology is not used in the sense of asking pardon but as justification for what one is about to do.

The name of this website is Tyndale’s Ploughboy. It originates from an event that occurred in William Tyndale’s life when he was serving as a tutor for the children of Sir John and Lady Anne Walsh. Although the accounts of what took place vary in details, the basic outline is clear according to both Richard Webb and John Foxe.

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