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John Frith – Part 4

FRITH’S TRIAL, CONDEMNATION AND DEATH Meanwhile, Frith continued to be held as a state prisoner in the Tower of London. As long as he remained in this position, he was safe from Stokesley, the Bishop of London, and Gardiner, the...

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John Frith – Part 3

FRITH RETURNS TO ENGLAND In July 1532, Frith returned to England. There was speculation that he came to aid the Prior of the Reading Monastery escape to the European mainland. Regardless of the exact reason, he was arrested as a...

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John Frith – Part 2

JOHN FRITH AND SIR THOMAS MORE There was another book that occupied Frith’s activities during this time and this was his own production. Frith entered the field in 1531 against Sir Thomas More by writing a book entitled A...

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John Frith – Part 1

INTRODUCTION This British reformer was a pioneer writer on the theme of liberty of conscience. He debated the existence of Purgatory with Sir Thomas More and Cardinal John Fisher. He taught the imputation of Christ’s...

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